The Boat Builder

Chris Tuckett is the YK Association accredited boat builder located at Belaugh between Wroxham and Coltishall on the River Bure

He has access to all of the moulds and is authorised under licence from the YKA to use these to build any required part

Chris keeps a small supply of spare parts and is very happy to advise and assist with ongoing maintenance.

Chris can also broker your boat for sale.

Contact Chris via his facebook page

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Chris Tuckett in his boatyard

The Yeoman Kinsman Association are now custodians of the moulds of the hull and superstructure. As class builder, Chris has access to the moulds.

Setting up storage, together with ongoing costs, has involved the Association in significant costs. Therefore it is only fair that useage is is restricted to Association members

An additional charge will also be made on a sliding scale dependent upon the size/complexity of work. This is being devised and will be published here shortly, together with full instructions on procedures.