The Yeoman

The Yeoman Is specially designed for those sailors who want a manageable, reasonably priced, fixed keelboat for either family cruising or racing.

The Yeoman is 6m in length and weighs around 700 kg. It has a fixed keel and rudder which means the boat draws just under a meter. Most Yeomans are kept on water moorings, but they can be dry sailed i.e. kept on a road trailer or launching trolley and craned in for each race/weekend. The Yeoman is not designed for use with drying-out moorings. It is recommended that boats which are kept in the water are anti-fouled to help prevent build up on the bottom. A Yeoman can be easily towed by the family car. To launch a Yeoman you either need a crane or the facilities to launch from a deep slipway.

The Yeoman shares the same hull and deck unit as the Kinsman. The new 300 series incorporates a series of innovative improvements to the original design, including integral anti-swamp seats, five buoyancy tanks, a central winch module, a mainsheet control module, a new mast raising and lowering tabernacle and is all GRP construction. Many of these han be fitted to older boats. The Yeoman has been designed to the highest standards and it has EU approval status which, along with the Kinsman, must make the Yeoman one of the safest boats in its class.

The Yeoman is easy to control but has the performance to provide exciting action when racing whilst its excellent all-round performance makes it ideal for family use.