Yeoman Kinsman Nationals at NBYC Wroxham Broad
18 & 19 June 2016

Congratulations to Bill and Diana Webber in Swift who retained their Yeoman Kinsman National Championship status with a maximum score of just 4 points. We had a good turnout on Wroxham Broad with enough wind to keep most of us happy.

For full report of the National's weekend please click the report button below.

Horning event


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The Kinsman fleet at Rutland have been putting in lots of hard work and plenty of expertise to improve the Kinsman (pre 300 series) lack of stability and windward performance. They are confident that by lowering the keel that aim has been achieved. Although the YK association are not qualified to verify or recommend this modification we thought it useful to publish their pdf giving a full description of the changes. click HERE