Yeoman Kinsman National Championships
19th-20th May 2018

Norfolk Broad Yacht Club (NBYC) played host to the Yeoman Kinsman National Championship. With the line-up including three past champions, alongside the current title holders (Bill and Diana Webber, sailing Swift), this year’s five-race competition promised to be intriguing – and it did not disappoint.

The weather was fine and sunny throughout, but what about that commodity which is a pre-requisite of a good sailing regatta, the wind. This proved to be somewhat fluky. Most of the time it blew from the north east but, as often happens on Wroxham Broad, it sometimes shifted, making course setting difficult for race officers.

Ater an impressive display over two days, Bill and Diana Webber retained their title, whilst Paul and Janet Barker were deserved runners up. Mario Tinge and Michelle Ackroyd, who finished seventh overall, were the leading non-spinnaker boat. Credit must also be given to those competing in their first Nationals competition, who persevered, learnt a lot and (hopefully) enjoyed themselves. All proving that the Yeoman is a great boat to sail for both experienced crews and novices to the sport.

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